Monday, December 15, 2003

Fern Shubert Bio from NCSpin - 2003

Senator Fern Shubert of Marshville (Union County), NC, will seek to be the first female Governor of North Carolina, focusing her campaign on jobs, education, and transportation. Sen. Shubert believes she is the candidate that can do the best job in bringing jobs to this state and is the only Republican candidate that can defeat Mike Easley.

Sen. Shubert states experience as a CPA and a legislator has given her the knowledge needed to pull the state out of the financial crisis into which the current leadership has led us. Shubert has served three terms as a Representative (1994, 1996, 2000) in the NC General Assembly. In 2002 she was elected to represent District 35 in the Senate and her Senate peers elected her to be the Senate Republican Whip, a significant honor that recognized her many achievements in the House.

"I want to be your Governor because I want to make things better for all the people of North Carolina. Most people know that if you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result, you're probably crazy. I believe most North Carolinians have figured out that they want different results from those they've seen under Mike Easley. When it comes to jobs, education, and roads, there is no doubt that we can do better. I am the candidate with the experience, vision, and conservative values to lead North Carolina citizens as we build a better future," Fern said. Information on Shubert's campaign can be found by going to Fern urges everyone to compare her record on making positive changes that benefit the people of North Carolina with that of the other candidates.

Fern is married to Jerry J. Shubert, a retired Air Force Lt. Col., and together they have a son Lee R. Shubert. Fern has a stepdaughter Dr. Tamara Shubert Hayward, and two grandchildren. Sen. Shubert's father was born in Waxhaw, NC; her mother, in Wingate, NC. Fern's family ties to this area go back before the Revolution. Fern graduated from Duke University in 1969, passing the CPA exam before graduating. Sen. Shubert has won awards and recognition for helping small businesses and education. In 1996 NCEITA gave her the first award for government service it ever gave a Representative. The US Small Business Administration recognized her as the Accountant who did the most for small business in the nation in 1997. The Charlotte Christian News said her alternative certification legislation was the most important education development of 1998. And this year, she succeeded in ending the use of portfolios for teacher certification, despite Governor Easley's veto of her bill.