Thursday, January 31, 2008

Say No to Rebate Checks for Illegals

When word got out that illegal aliens would be receiving "rebate checks" from the House-passed version of the proposed Bush stimulus package, what did our elected leaders in Congress do?

They denied it!

According to a report in The Hill:

"House leaders sought to squelch rumors Wednesday that economic stimulus checks may end up in the hands of illegal immigrants."

Some nerve, huh?

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Putting the Heat on Mike Easley and the General Assembly

Shubert, endorsed by of the 9-11 Families for a Secure America has made a key talking point out of the continued ease with which illegal aliens can get North Carolina driver’s licenses.

Shubert tells me that, despite claims from Easley that driver’s license requirements have been tightened by a February directive from his office, the opposite is true.

Here according to Shubert, is the recent history of North Carolina driver’s license requirements:

“Prior to 9-11, North Carolina law said that license applicants must provide a social security number and proof of residence, but the Attorney General's office (the position was then held by Easley) told DMV to ignore the law. Some of us tried to tighten up the rules for issuing licenses. Instead, right after 9-11, the Democrats put language in the budget that actually made the law worse than it was before 9-11.

”Before 9-11, aliens couldn't use a Taxpayer Identification Number to get a license but S1005 made that legal. Before 9-11, matricula cards weren't mentioned in the law. S1005 said the matricula was ‘a reasonably reliable’ indicator of residence and included it with the other proofs that were acceptable.

“Most bizarre of all, S1005 added a provision that required the department to permit any applicant who had NO proof of residence to sign an affidavit and use that as proof of residence. DMV will give any applicant an affidavit to sign on the spot."

Peter Gadiel, speaking on behalf of the 9-11 Families, said that Shubert won the group’s support because she is the only candidate running on a strong immigration reform platform. Shubert, in addition to her efforts to expose driver’s license fraud, is speaking out to raise awareness among citizens that illegal immigration directly impacts jobs and wages.

Disappointingly but not surprisingly, the major state’s major dailies, the Charlotte Observer (Contact Chairman and Publisher Pete Ridder at and the News and Observer (contact editor and political reporter Lynn Bonner at give Shubert scant coverage.

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